Information about psychotherapy

Working model

I'm experienced psychotherapist and psychologist specializing in individual therapies.

While working I use psychodynamic model of psychotherapy helping people who need changes - emotional, professional, mental, spiritual or relationship. I am working mainly with individuals. The main goal of psychotherapy is raising the awareness of patients. The reason behind is that only by making reasonable decissions and cooperating smoothly we are able to replace adverse mechanisms with healthy and more mature reactions.


While studying I was granted with Master's Degree at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. At the moment I am preparing for M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) graduation at Medical University of Warsaw.

2010-2014 - Medical University of Warsaw, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Psychiatry.
2008-2012 - Krakowskie Centrum Psychoterapii, Post MA, Psychotherapy, Counseling.
2007 - Erasmus, The LUMSA University of Rome, Psychology.
2004-2009 - Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Master's Degree, Psychology, specializing in neuropsychology and modern forms of managing. Master thesis: „Total Participation Management: Toward psychological determinants of subjective well-being at work“.

Work experience

During my career I have worked or cooperated with many institutions also having internships in clinical institutions.

since 2015 - Psychotherapist in Centrum Psychoterapii i Seksuologii „Empatia“ in Cracow.
since 2014 - Online Psychologist via
since 2014 - Psychologist in Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy im. Św. Siostry Faustyny Kowalskiej w Rabie Wyżnej.
2010-2014 - Psychotherapist in Centrum Psychoterapeutyczne „Po Zmianę“ in Warsaw.
2010-2014 - Psychologist and psychotherapist in Klinika Psychiatrii Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego (in Szpital Nowowiejski, Warsaw); Psychologist in Klinika Chirurgii Czaszkowo-Szczękowo-Twarzowej Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego (in Szpital Dzieciątka Jezus, Warsaw).
2010-2014 - academic lecturer and researcher at Medical University of Warsaw.