Psychotherapist, psychologist - Katarzyna Mika

I am experienced psychologist and psychotherapist working mainly in Cracow or online via Skype.

Katarzyna Mika

I have gained much experience studying at the best Polish schools and universities as well as practicing in Polish hospitals and abroad working in United States and Italy. My offer is addressed for adults and adolescents. Consultations can be delivered in Polish or English language in form of traditional therapeutical conversation or via online connections, mostly via Skype.

What psychotherapy is all about?

  • It's a conversation about everything important in your life, about the present and past, about the correlation of what has already happened and what is about to happen.
  • It's a professional analysis of mechanisms and emotions that can enable to experience and understand life.
  • It's the time to get to know yourself, your strenghts and weeknesses.

  • It a space for a relations you build and develop in everyday life.

  • It is your personal MIND-SPA.