My offer of psychotherapeutical sessions is dedicated mainly to adults and late adolescents. I am helping people who need changes – personal, professional, mental, spiritual or relationship.

My online offer is dedicated to those who do not have a possibility to take part in standard individual therapy due to type of work, place of living, frequent travels or foreign language. I am also working with people of Polish origin who live abroad as well as helping international leaders and native businessmen in adapting to changes and crossing barierrs. During online sessions I use Skype software. Please contact me to discuss all technical details. To make an appointment please contact me via mobile (+48 605366619) or email (

I’ve provided the office in Warsaw and Cracow for the last 10 years. Currently I work online. Information about the stationary office will be provided in the future.

Prices for 50-minute session online in English:

200 PLN

50 Euro

I accept paying in advance via bank transfer. It is possible to pay via PayPal too. Please send me confirmation of payment as a printout from the bank account or print screen (Alt+PrtScr). Lack of payment siginifies the resignation from the session.

Katarzyna Mika-Łabuz

76 1090 2053 0000 0001 0773 2866

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For international transfers:


IBAN code: PL

For transfers in Euro:

38 1090 2053 0000 0001 4170 9837

Santander Bank Polska

For PayPal transfers: