Psychotherapy is one of the methods of theapy and treatment basing on the interaction between the patient and therapist. Its main goal is to understand processes and behaviours. It is hard to clearly define psychotherapy. It is worth mentioning that psychotherapy is a process which should lead to the change.

Methods of psychotherapy can vary as well as the time of therapy. The short-term therapy can last a few weeks (8-12 sessions), the long-term therapy might last about one year. The meetings are on regular basis, usually once or twice a week. One of the goals is to get to know and analize repeating, characteristic and distinctive for one types of relationships with other people as well as the mechanisms of dealing with problems recently and in the past. Analyzing the past goes as deeply as it is needed to understand the present. It leads to the changes that can enable to deal with the problems in a better or more constructive way. During psychotherpeutical sessions it is natural for the patient to experience changes in the mood. The deeper the changes are, the more time it takes to achieve goals and stable results.
While working I use psychodynamic model of psychotherapy helping people who need changes – emotional, professional, mental, spiritual or relationship. I am working mainly with individuals. The main goal of psychotherapy is raising the awareness of patients. The reason behind is that only by making reasonable decissions and cooperating smoothly we are able to replace adverse mechanisms with healthy and more mature reactions.

It’s a conversation about everything important in your life, about the present and past, about the correlation of what has already happened and what is about to happen.

It’s a professional analysis of mechanisms and emotions that can enable to experience and understand life.

It’s the time to get to know yourself, your strenghts and weeknesses.

It a space for relations you build and develop in everyday life.

It is your personal MIND-SPA.